Project Cars

  • Plateforme de test : Version Steam
  • Interêt : Simulation de course ultra Realiste.
  • Site : Project Cars

Specs Minimum

  • Système d’exploitation : Windows Vista, Windows 7 with latest Service Packs
  • Processeur : 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, 3.0 GHz AMD Phenom II X4 940
  • Mémoire vive : 4 GB de mémoire
  • Graphiques : nVidia GTX 260, ATI Radeon HD 5770
  • DirectX : Version 9.0
  • Réseau : Connexion internet haut débit
  • Espace disque : 25 GB d’espace disque disponible
  • Carte son : DirectX compatible sound card
  • Notes supplémentaires : For racing wheel support check:

Specs Recommandées

  • Système d’exploitation : Windows 7 with latest Service Packs
  • Processeur : 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 3700, 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350
  • Mémoire vive : 8 GB de mémoire
  • Graphiques : GT600 series, AMD Radeon HD7000 series
  • DirectX : Version 11
  • Réseau : Connexion internet haut débit
  • Espace disque : 25 GB d’espace disque disponible
  • Carte son : DirectX compatible sound card
  • Notes supplémentaires : For racing wheel support check:

Voici un jeu de simulation de courses automobiles. Il est extrêmement complet, vous aurez la possibilité de tout faire comme réglages et de créer vos propres courses de voitures comme bon vous semble.

Le soft est à ce jour en cours de développement par les petits gars de Slightly Mad Studio, qui ont participé à la réalisation de Need For Speed Shift, Test Drive, Ferrari Racing Legends.

Du coup nous avons parmi la team Project CARS des cadors en matière de jeux de voitures.Project Cars, ont reçunt la sommes voulu, maintenant ils sont en train de peaufiner leur jeu, pour en faire un Must Have.

Ce jeu sera disponible sur Xbox 360, PS3 Ainsi que Wii UComme vous pouvez le voir, plus vous investissez, plus vous aurez du contenu ingame intéressant. Nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir interviewer Andy Tudor le Creative Director de Project CARS

  • Pourquoi avez-vous voulu faire un jeu de voiture ? // Why did you decide to create a racing game ?

The simple answer is that we love cars! The team was originally created out of a mod community that were simply passionate about games and cars.

That community then became more formal with the creation of Simbin, and through the years that same team went on to form Slightly Mad Studios where we made the Need For Speed SHIFT series, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, and now Project CARS. So the desire to make great racing games is just part of our DNA

  • Êtes-vous des joueurs de Grand Turismo ou Forza ? // Do you play other racing game such as Gran Turismo or Forza ?

Yup absolutely, I play most games that are released in fact – both good and bad! Not as a job per se, just because I’m addicted to games.

Playing other racing games also keeps you informed of how people are innovating (or not!) within the genre.

  • Qu’est-ce que vous avez rajouté dans Project CARS pour qu’il soit plus intéressant qu’une autre simulation ? // What did you add in Project CARS to make it more interesting than other race simulation game ?

For us, Project CARS represents the ultimate package for a motorsports/racing fan.

Firstly it has a number of ‘best in class’ features – ie.. we’re proud that we’re doing a bunch of things better than anyone else out there in terms of visually how good it looks, the accuracy of our physics, the immersion with things like the helmet camera, our upcoming weather system, AI for opponents, vehicle and track choice, and the variety of motorsports disciplines represented.

And then secondly, it has a number of innovations that players have either never seen before or are done in a brand-new way… for example a freeform career mode that lets you make the kind of decisions that real-life race drivers have to make, the ability to play co-op with a friend as Driver 1 and 2, mobile support so you can access your photos/replays/setups on the go, team management so you can organize times to play with your friends and recruit new ones etc..

  • Pourrons nous optimiser nos véhicules dans la version finale ?(Système d’upgrade de composants de la voiture, modification du comportement, de la puissance) // Will it be possible to upgrade car parts, increase handle and power of the cars in the final version ?

No, there are no upgrades in the game and this was a decision we made in conjunction with the WMD community.

There were many reasons for this – we’re simulating racing for example so vehicles need to fit within their ‘class’, purchasing upgrades then means you need a currency system to buy them with which then leads to a mentality of ‘grinding for cash’, and when playing online the guy that’s spent the most money has a disadvantage.

Amongst others, these were all things we wanted to avoid so we could concentrate on the real priority of getting the most out of your vehicle’s performance through setups and continual practice.

  • Y-aura-t-il un mode carrière ?Si oui, sera-t-il comme la concurrence ? (Progression du joueur dans le monde de la course automobile, renommée, gestion de fonds, contrats, licenses pour accéder à d’autres circuits…) // Do you plan to implement a career mode ? If yes is it a classic player progression system in the racing universe, with licences to unlick tracks, contract, financial management, experience points…)

As above, the career mode is completely freeform. You can start where you want and choose your own path.

Someone might start in karting for example and pursue a goal of climbing the ranks through Touring Cars to ultimately become GT1 World Champion, whereas someone else could start in IndyCar and continually play through seasons of that to try and win it three times in a row.

The interface to this is via a calendar so you’ll also see other events on you can jump into if you are eligible (eg.. historic recreation races or the « Race of Champions » exhibition event, and if you are successful in whatever you’re doing, other companies will invite you to participate in special events like testing out one of their new cars, or loaning you a supercar for a weekend etc..

So it’s pretty exciting and friends are going to have a lot to talk to each other about since no two experiences are the same

  • Nous imaginons que le mode Multiplayer sera de la partie, combien de joueurs pourront s’affronter ? // We guess there will be a Multiplayer feature, how many other players could be challenged in a same race session ?

The short answer is « As many as possible » but unfortunately hardware limitations, average internet speeds in people’s homes, inconsistent Wi-Fi connections etc.. mean that we are restricted dependent on platform

  • Ce ne sera que de la course, ou il y aura des epreuves de type, Drift, 400m, rallye etc… ? // Is it a Racing simulation only, or you will add some challenges such as Drift, Quarter mile, Rallye, Stunts … ?

Racing is the primary focus, but Drift, Quarter/Standing Mile, Rally etc.. are in the design but likely to form a separate expansion at a later date when we can really focus on these exciting events.

  • Pourquoi avoir voulu faire un jeu aussi photo-réaliste que ça ? N’y a-t-il pas des contraintes matérielles à faire un jeu aussi fluide ? // Why did you chose to make a photo realistic rendering engine ? Are there lots of constraints when you try to make a game with high frame rate ?

As with any game there is a continual balance between « Making it look awesome », « What the hardware is capable of », and « What keeps the framerate high ».

Photo-realism obviously pushes each of those to the max but it’s a worthwhile endeavour as soon as you show someone a screenshot and they refuse to believe it’s not a real photo(!)

  • Est-ce que nous aurons droit à des courses de voitures européennes (Citroën, Renault , Peugeot, BMW, Porsche, etc …)? // Do you plan to put some European racing cars (Citroën, Renault , Peugeot, BMW, Porsche… )?

We are continually pursuing licenses for particular manufacturers or vehicles but these things take a long time unfortunately. Whenever we have a signature on a dotted line, we announce it on the WMD Portal website and we’ve been lucky to get some really great ones recently with Mitsubishi, Pagani, Ford, and Classic Team Lotus. Watch this space for more!

  • Une date pour la Release ? // Do you have an idea for the Release date ?

Next year 🙂 Nous avons donc pris un pack  à 10euros afin de pouvoir participer aux builds month.

Et nous devons dire que nous ne sommes clairement pas déçus, bien au contraire !

Nous avons également fait un petit test Live que nous vous proposons de regarder.Présentation du jeu

Nous avons beaucoup joué à des jeux de simulation sur simulateurs (dynamiques), la plupart tournant sur Rfactor, Project CARS nous fait penser à un croisement entre Rfactor (pour son coté ultra simulation) et Forza (pour son coté graph ultra réalistes).Vous êtes fans de jeux de courses de voitures ? Ben ne cherchez plus, pour le moment Project CARS est la référence en la matièreIl faut soutenir ce genre de petit projet, car petit projet deviendra grand.Merci de nous avoir luMerci pour eux si vous participez au projet comme nous.Un petit tour en Ariel Atom sur le circuit de Anhalt

Un tour en Mitsubishi Lancer sur une route ouverte.



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